Study of phonological processes of 4 - 6 years old Persian Speaking Children

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Phonological processes comprise a conceptual function causing the use of more simple category of sounds instead of sounds that are more difficult to produce. As the child grows older, his/her phoneme inventory and speech skills develop, and this leads to the gradual reduction in the number of the processes. The purpose of this study was to search for the phonological processes of word utterance in Persian and their decrease in children aged four to six. The sample consisted of the speech of 48 Persian-speaking children in Tehran, aged 4-6 , collected through the use of 106 pictures. The results showed that cluster reduction starts almost after the age of 6, and that as the child grows older, the number of   phonological processes decreases. This may be an indication of the development of phonological conception in older children and the greater mastery of older children over pronunciation.


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